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I'm Jenny! I am a 29 year old woman with a growing interest in fatshion. I'm a bit nerdy, very fat, and super cute. This blog is a space for me to discuss my own fashion finds and OOTD's.

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I've got to say I just went threw your blog and I love you :'). I want your babies xD no t to be creepy or anything.

Lol thanks, you can have my babies… any of them that should come my way! :P

Heyyoo! You are awesome and deserve major props, for this blog and in general. You probably already knew it, but it bears repeating. (∿°○°)∿ ︵♥ (btw, your ask link is broken)

Oh thank you! And thank for telling me that, I will fix it now :)

I saw you on swimsuitsforall's instagram page and and you look fab!!!

Thank you so much! :)

Hey. So when you buy the bikini from forever 21 do the tops and bottoms come separate? Or together? I went there and got confused.

Some of them are a set and some of them are separates.  Usually the solid color pieces you buy individual I think.  But I have the fruit/floral one and it came as a set.    

Jenny, I absolutely love your blog. I follow your main account as well, and you are absolutely fab :)

Thank you :D


I’m channeling my inner Diana.

Saturday OOTD

YAY! Bandeau weather!

Outfit Details:

Bandeau top: Chubby Cartwheels, 3X

Skirt: SimplyBe, 3X

Jenny, you are gorgeous! 😘

Thank you :)  <3

The boyfriend and I are going on a middle of the week pho and froyo date tonight so I thought I would  wear something cute.  I got my ipsy bag today and although most of it was blah, I did get a Bare Minerals lipstick from building up some rewards points.  It’s like a pinky, coral color called Light it Up.  After wearing a long maxi dress all day, this dress that I bought at Ross a few weeks ago was a relief to change into. It was 95 degrees today!  ACK.  Anyway, I hope everyone’s week is going well and that the weekend bring good things!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Ross, size 3X

Hey I was just wandering what size was the bikini top you got because I'm looking to order one but I don't want my boobs spilling out! I wear like a DDD. Thank you in advance!

The black one from Target? It’s a 24 and if you mean the fruit/floral one from F21, it’s a 3X :)